The big question.

Why Twitter threads and what's so special about them?

Some people say Twitter was better with 140 characters, after all this was it's USP. Then again, people will always complain - reluctant to change - at least initially. I remember Twitter users freaking out when the "Favourite" icon (a yellow star) was renamed "Like" and changed to a ❤️. People simply couldn't handle it. Now that everyone is happy with the heart, forgotten about the star (and can still type 140 characters if they wish - duh) let's move on.

In late 2017 Twitter was testing a new feature called "threads" with a select group of users. Before threads, people would create something known as a "tweetstorm" - although not very intuitive - it was a way of getting past the 140 character limit. Following the successful trial, threads was officially launched in December 2017.

Since then, threads have become super popular - a way for many Twitter users to create engaging content for their followers. Some use it as a mini blog post. News channels will create a thread surrounding breaking news. Others use it to tell everyone why they've left their partner, and proceed with a 10-part thread explaining it all 🤮 . However you use the feature, it allows you to put together information in one concise, easily consumed format.

Personally, I love threads. Especially when you find gems of information from interesting and inspiring people. If you're looking to save money there's a financial expert on Twitter with a thread about creating financial freedom 💰. You're dealing with a nightmare client? No worries, there's a Twitter user who just posted a useful thread on how to handle this. Whatever the industry, there's a gold mine of information on Twitter, presented to you in the form of a thread.

I know what you're thinking, all this sounds great Steven, but how the hell do we find all these great threads? Well, that's where Threadzzz comes in 😎 . I will curate a list of the top threads out there and send you them. This project is an experiment, and will require a manual approach at first 😅 . But through engaging with my users, I hope to gain feedback on the most popular topics you want to read about, what interests & inspires you and what provides you the most value. Then I will go and find it and bring it to you in the form of a newsletter.

Although many of you currently read threads from people you follow - it's why you follow them - I know there's valuable information out there you haven't yet seen. It could be from someone you haven't come across on Twitter or someone you've never even heard of. Either way, if their Twitter feed has a useful thread, with nuggets of information in it, I want you to benefit from that.

Going forward, I have plans to create a bespoke newsletter for each subscriber based on industry / topic 💪 . But for now, as I'm just getting started, a manual, popular topic curation method will be best, until I can leverage NoCode tools and automate more of it.

So, there you have it. That's Threadzzz. Please reach out to me on Twitter if you have any ideas, questions etc about the project - I'd love to hear from you.