Threadzzz - the story

A little intro on how I became the owner of this NoCode project.

In January KP sent me an idea he had, but didn’t have time to work on it. He said I could take it on instead. The plan was to get it launched within weeks, something I had all intention of doing. But in mid January my personal life took a turn for the worse. It resulted in me shelving a lot of projects, including this one. Life can do that to you sometimes.

So, 5 months on from discussing the initial idea I opened the book again. I sent KP a message "Hey KP it’s been a while since I spoke to you. Hope Cuppa is going well, I see so much excitement on twitter about it 😎 . I finally got around to getting a domain name for the thread idea (life got in the way - no point in talking about that here haha). I’m going with this..., something like... Inspiring twitter threads not be snoozed on". He replied, "Long time. Haha. Anyway sounds good - give it a go".

I felt bad that it took so long. I actually stopped liking some of KP’s tweets, and didn’t want to sign up for Cuppa, just so he didn’t see my name pop up to remind him that I still hadn’t launched this. It sounds stupid I know, but that’s what was going through my mind. I felt like I let him down - he gave me a cool idea and I did nothing with it. But then I’d tell myself, don’t be too hard on yourself. Plus if KP knew my story he’d definitely be cool with it all.

So here we are. Domain name bought. Holding page live. Mailerlite hooked up. I’m ready to see how it plays out. If nothing comes of it, that’s ok. Putting yourself out there is the main thing - It’s exciting. A little scary, but hey, it should feel that way too. I’ve also signed up to Cuppa! Here’s to more shipped projects soon! 💪

Thank you to KP for the initial idea and thanks, to you, for reading this. I really do appreciate it.